The detox water trend is in full swing this summer. Clean glass jars filled with colorful fruits and vegetables, filled to the rim with filtered water and topped with ice. Looks so refreshing we’re tempted to set aside our plain old bottled water in order to “indulge.”

They contain natural sugars that revitalize us during an afternoon lull or following a strenuous workout. Phytonutrients boost immune function. Vitamins and minerals help the body turn food into energy at a cellular level. And health experts tell us that they lower blood pressure, help control our weight, and rid the body of unhealthy toxins.

Do Detox Diets Make a Difference?

This last claim is up for debate; whether detox water, detox smoothies, or a detox diet will rid our bodies of a dangerous buildup of toxins. These unhealthy substances could come from cigarette smoke, alcohol use, everyday household chemicals, heavy metals, exhaust fumes, or even just the natural bi-products of digestion. In a posting on Metro, Vikki-Marie Cossar argues that detox diets aren’t necessary because every minute of the day our organs are naturally and effectively getting rid of waste and contaminants on their own (Of course, you should talk with your healthcare provider if you begin to have symptoms such as fatigue, sore or weak muscles, headaches, or unusual digestive problems).

How Do Our Bodies Do This Naturally?

The liver’s role is to filter impurities from the bloodstream and transport them to the small intestine or to the kidneys to be excreted, so every time we use the bathroom, our bodies are being detoxified. Our lungs do double duty, blocking contaminants from entering and also exhaling toxins that traveled through the bloodstream from other organ systems. The spleen and the lymphatic system “clean” the bloodstream by working together to filter out old blood cells and other debris.

Health experts at believe that drinking detox water is healthy simply because it is so important to stay hydrated. Dehydration is often mistaken for hunger or tiredness, feelings that might cause us to eat when we don’t need to or to binge on sugar and caffeine drinks. While it is true that a large glass of “detox” water filled with slices of lemons, oranges, and cucumbers will help flush away toxins, a steady supply of plain old fresh filtered water will do the same thing.

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