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The Core Beliefs of Buddhism

The philosophy of Buddhism differs from that of theistic religions such as Christianity and Judaism. The BuddhistCenter.com is a virtual community of practicing Buddhists that unite “real world” Buddhist Centers and study groups in thirty countries around the world.

They explain that the Buddha was an ordinary man trying to determine if humans could transcend the “suffering” in their worldly lives and instead cultivate happiness. After trying to calm his earthly temptations with both indulgence and then deprivation, Buddha began to teach the “middle way,” a philosophy that encouraged a person to find health and happiness despite the pain that is inevitable in our human lives.

Buddhists use meditation to calm the mind and yoga to strengthen the mind/body connection. Buddhists believe that meditation helps a person to elevate their thoughts and develop self-awareness, resulting in a feeling of peace and unity with the natural world. Other Buddhist traditions use meditation to fortify the mind in times of conflict, focusing on conquering fear while learning the postures and techniques of a warrior.

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