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Conquering Death

Easter is a time of solemn observances and triumphant celebrations for the 2.5 billion Christians around the world. Visit Patheos.com for in-depth reading about this Christian holiday, and for access to a library of information about other World Religions.

  • Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, is on February 26th in 2020. The 40 days of Lent concludes on the Sunday before Easter
  • Holy Week begins on April 5 with Palm Sunday, the day the cheering crowds welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem by laying palm branches at his feet
  • When those same crowds began to turn against him, Jesus gathered with his Apostles for the Last Supper on Holy Thursday, explaining that one of them was about to betray him. Judas then identified Jesus to the Roman authorities and he was arrested and condemned to die
  • Good Friday was the day Jesus was crucified
  • April 12 is Easter Sunday. Christians believe that Jesus’ soul was resurrected from death and ascended to heaven

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