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Forgiveness of Sins

Conquering Death Easter is a time of solemn observances and triumphant celebrations for the 2.5 billion Christians around the world. Visit for in-depth reading about this Christian holiday, and for access to a library of information about other World Religions. Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, is on February 26th in 2020. The [...]

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Happy Bday, Jesus!

The Christmas Season The story of Jesus' birth is one of the most familiar in the world; when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem, they sought shelter at the inn but they were turned away and Jesus was born in a nearby manger. An angel appeared to three wise men walking in the [...]

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A Loving Nature

Saint Francis of Assisi In the twelveth century, the man history would come to know as Saint Francis was born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone in Assisi, Italy. His father had just returned home from a journey to France, and he immediately rechristened his new-born son “Francesco” after the country where his business [...]

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The Gods of Hinduism

Studying Hinduism The monks at the Kauai Hindu Monastery, on the island of Kauai, publish the website for further study of the Hindu religion. They explain that, according to Hindu tradition, an omnipotent and all-encompassing power known as Brahman exists in the universe. This energy is divine in nature, eternal and unchanging, and is [...]

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Practicing Buddhism

The Core Beliefs of Buddhism The philosophy of Buddhism differs from that of theistic religions such as Christianity and Judaism. The is a virtual community of practicing Buddhists that unite "real world" Buddhist Centers and study groups in thirty countries around the world. They explain that the Buddha was an ordinary man [...]

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Reviving the Past

The Hebrew Language The Torah tells the stories of the Hebrew people, the prophets and their descendants that received God’s laws and traveled to the “promised land” of modern-day Israel. The Torah was written in the Hebrew language, and Hebrew was spoken by the Israelites for centuries, eventually being replaced by Aramaic when [...]

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Spirit of Love and Happiness

The Story of the Festival of Colors March 18, 2022 is the start of the Hindu “festival of colors” known as Holi. The theme of this tradition is the triumph of good over evil. The holiday is celebrated by lighting bonfires on the evening before and then gathering the next day to throw [...]

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