Anchor Point

Chapter 1 – Bruce in London, packing for flight to Alaska. Call from Stephen about site being appropriated. Phone call with Doug. Bruce’s suspicions about Dr. Petrova

Chapter 2 – Cora’s death. Receiving pkg. Writing a letter to Gwen about Bruce.

Chapter 3 – Gwen being released from prison. Thinks about her arrest, Cora’s death. First mention of FIND IT notes.

Chapter 4 – Serebrov interview with Orlov (Gusev). Stem cell research info. Orlov bypassing other agencies within the govt so he could send military force to Anchor Point. First mention of the Russians knowing that Bruce mailed the slate to Cora. “Three years was a long time for two restless agents of the SVR to sit and wait.” – realistic?

Chapter 4.5 – Bruce landing in Chicago enroute to Anchorage. Doug is there. Doug explains the history of the Cook expedition. Hands off artifacts to Bruce in the men’s room and books flight back to AK. Bruce flies back to London to UCL

Chapter 5 – Grace in cab and arriving home – first day. Finds home empty. Walks to get a coffee but buys flowers instead and bus to cemetery. Phone call with Connor. Plans to stay at her house and go to storage units the next day.

Chapter 6 – Bruce packaging up the photo with the slate. Thinks back to that morning, driving to UCL, seeing Doug’s colleague, then making other plans. Before wrapping up, he takes more photos. Details about both sides of the slate. His guess that the map if of Baikal.

Chapter 6.5 – Bruce and Cora meet in NYC to store the artifacts. Cora is anxious about not telling Bruce or Greta that they’re father/daughter.

Chapter 7 – Gwen wakes up on floor of her room, goes for coffee. Rides bus to storage unit, talks with Lily. Lily asks favor, tells her where the cash is. Movers, then she’s home and drives to food shop. Thoughts about how to investigate. Goes to a different market but then decides to do a drive by of Stefon’s apt.

Chapter 7.5 – Gwen thinking back to meeting Lily in prison. The pastor tells her about Cora’s death. Thinks about teaching.

Chapter 8 – Voronov going to get breakfast for the men. Info about Sacha and Lev and possibly others. Sacha tells Voronov that their plans have changed, meaning they are ordered to go to Stefon’s to get jewelry box before Gwen. (What if Lev did find the slate?)

Chapter 8.5 – Grace driving by Stefon’s, thinking about why Lily was in prison.

Chapter 9 – “Wheels up” Bruce and Karl flying. First info about Bruce’s collecting plants and returning to NY when his wildlife cam shows that Gwen is home. Karl’s run-in with Viktor and Viktor’s blackmailing him to inform on Bruce. Bruce asks Karl about flying him to NY. Thinks about using him to help communicate.

Chapter 10 – Grace is sneaking through bk yard and up the fire escape. Accesses the front door and finds Stefon dead. Hears the men. Sneaks past them, grabs the sachel.

Chapter 11 – Grace walks back to her car with the satchel. Sees the white van. Berates herself for taking the bag. Thinks about needing to stay close to Lily. Lily’s reaction to Stefon’s death.

Chapter 12 – Stefon doing drugs, knock on the door. He gets killed. Russians find the jewelry box and money and they argue in the kitchen. Sacha realizes its gone. They drive to Edgemont. Sacha smashes into Gwen’s car.

Chapter 13 – Bruce receiving a ping from the camera at Gwen’s house. He and Karl drive to the Bronx. They see Gwen getting into her car with the satchel. They follow her.

Chapter 14 – Gwen has the bag but knows she needs to ditch it. Drives to a campsite near a lake and checks the contents. Gets slammed into by the Russians and loses the bag. Drives the wrecked Subaru to a car repair shop and walks to Amtrak station.

Chapter 15 – Bruce and Karl see the accident happen. They follow Gwen and Bruce talks to the mechanic. He follows Gwen into the city and Karl goes back to nyc

Chapter 16 – Next day, Gwen is on the train back to the Amtrak station to get a cab back toward Edgemont to access storage units. Info about renting the apartment. Info about Bruce approaching her.

Chapter 17 – Bruce is in the blue hevy following Grace as she goes from the city back into Edgemont (to look for the box of files from the PI). He recaps the reason for his regret and thinks about his intentions to make sure Gwen knows the truth and that he will help her to get her life back. He follows Lev and Sasha to her house to see what they’re driving after having their vehicle shot at.

Chapter 18 – Gwen tells Lily about Stefon’s murder. Shifts her focus to her own investigation, the files she has to go through and that she feels hopeless about what she’s up against. Goes for a jog.

Chapter 19 – Bruce and Karl are having breakfast at their hotel in NYC. Bruce is explaining everything to Karl, the reason they are in NY and his plan to tell Gwen the truth about Cora and Anchor Point. Tells Karl about the slate and that he was flying into Russia to collect plant samples. They split up. Bruce goes to a diner to watch for Gwen and Karl is in the hotel repairing the GPS tracker. Perspective shifts from Bruce to Karl and back to Bruce. Bruce sees Gwen jogging and follows her. Confronts her in the park. She tries to walk away but he calls after her “do you really think Cora killed herself?”

Chapter 20 – Gwen’s POV. She and Bruce are in her apt in NY. She has obv agreed to go to him back into Edgemont. In the car, he tells her about sending the slate to Cora. She doesn’t know what to think at first. When they reach the storage units, Karl is waiting for them. Then, the Russians show up and Bruce tells Gwen that he thinks they will try to kidnap her.

Chapter 21 – Karl realizes that Victor is using him and his location to send info the Lev and Sasha. Gwen pulls a gun on the Russians and Bruce tells her how to shoot their tires. Karl and Gwen intro. They plan to drive to the airport and Bruce tells Karl they should go to Chicago. Gwen receives a text about Lily’s room # in prison. The guys tell her that it is a threat. – needs rewrite about Gwen’s reaction to having no choice about flying out with them.

Chapter 22 – rewrite. Viktor is talking to Lev and Sasha about the run-in at the storage units. Thinking back, recap of events from his perspective. His thoughts about killing each of them, his anger at being involved. Info that he’s sitting in a fuel truck.

Chapter 23 – Scene at the airport. At start of chapter, Grace is sitting with Victor in the plane after he and Karl were both injured. Karl is telling Bruce how to fly the plane. Flashback to moments ago when Victor confronted them in the parking lot. Chapter ends with them flying off just as Lev and Sasha arrive.

Chapter 24 – ? rewrite. Voronov is recalled to Russia? Burning his credentials? He thinks about the fate of everyone involved and that Bruce and the others should have killed Viktor because he would no doubt follow and kill them.

Chapter 25 Bruce and Gwen are in the Hyundai in Nevada, going into town for a change of clothes and some food. Flashback to leaving Viktor at the airport. That they’d landed safely in Chicago and Karl was able to fly again. Bruce and Gwen talking in the car, going hiking the next day. Bruce tells her about collecting plants at Baikal and organizing them in the cabin and the students Doug sent to get them. Tells her about Doug’s part, that he hasn’t been talking to Bruce. Gwen has the idea to call her lawyer about the slate maybe being in Cora’s sd box. Moose killed on side of the road, Bruce detours and runs into a native american stranded. Makes plans to have breakfast.

Chapter 26 – Gwen’s POV. She sits on the motel porch and Bruce asks her about her plans. Bruce is going to have breakfast with the Indian guy. Karl is staying to rest. Gwen goes for a walk and contacts the lawyer. Is told about a letter to her from Cora with Bruce’s card attached.

Chapter 27 – Bruce is in the UK at the University talking with Doug about the progress at the dig site. Info about results of DNA testing. Doug thanks him for all the research he’s been doing, collecting plant samples. Bruce is relieved. Doug asks about Gwen and Bruce answers cautiously.

Chapter 28 – Karl and Gwen are flying to NY to get the letter from Cora’s lawyer. Gwen’s thoughts about Karl – rewrite. Karl showers while Gwen goes to the salon to get highlights and a new sweater. They sit in the bar to have a drink. Walking to the car, Lev is waiting. – Rewrite: Karl walks Gwen back to the room and searches for the other guy then meets Lev at the bar. Gwen calls and leaves a msg for Bruce.

Chapter 29 – Karl and Lev talk. Rewrite – Lev tells Karl that Viktor is dead (is he?) and that Voronov wants to join the research project and have access to the slate. Lev is incredulous but agrees to forward a document to Bruce.

Chapter 30 – Rewrite – Karl and Gwen are in NY at her apt. They make dinner and talk. Have sex?