world religions

The Search for Understanding

Religious beliefs provide peace of mind and and a feeling of unity for millions of people in every country around the world. The familiar narratives and symbolic observances can unite families and entire communities to focus together on positive qualities such as happiness, peace, and security.

For some people, though, a “higher power” isn’t a religion at all. Instead they find fulfillment caring for their families or working at a career that encompasses all their time and energy. 

Religion … politics … teaching? What activities empower you and make you happy?

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Spirituality in the News

Celebrating Diwali

The Hindu “festival of lights” is celebrated from October 19-23 this year. There are different stories and legends associated with this 5-day festival, but each one is about light, representing goodness and prosperity, triumphing over darkness, signifying evil.

During the day, families gather in prayer and to feast on traditional desserts and savory vegetarian foods. Though it’s an official holiday, stores are open as Hindu women shop for the brightly colored silks produced in the region. At night, lanterns and candles appear in each home and fireworks light up the sky.

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