world religions

Searching for Peace

Religious beliefs provide a feeling of unity and peace for millions of people in every country around the world. Familiar narratives and symbolic observances can unite families and entire communities to focus together on positive qualities such as happiness, peace, and security.

For some people, though, a “higher power” isn’t a religion at all. Instead, they find fulfillment caring for their families or working at a career that encompasses all their time and energy. 

Religion … politics … teaching? What activities empower you and make you happy?

Spirituality in the News is an online resource for studying the philosophies of Buddhism. The concept of Dharma, for instance, is a theme within many Southeast Asian religions. To a Buddhist, Dharma means practicing the teachings of Buddha to understand reality and to live peacefully in the world.

Siddhartha Gautama spent years trying to understand the cause of human suffering and the remedy for it. He lived in both extreme luxury and extreme poverty before he was enlightened with the wisdom of the “Middle Way.” From then on he was known as the Buddha.

Dharma Day, this year on July 27, is celebrated in remembrance of the first of Buddha’s sermons when he taught his followers about the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path.