Health Care From a Safe Distance

By Instrideonline 3/21/2020

pexels coronavirus blog

News about 2019-nCoV, the virus that causes a flu-like respiratory illness, is encouraging us to keep our “social distance” from each other; to limit travel, work from home, and to only venture out if necessary. The overabundance of caution is due to this strain of the coronavirus being a “novel” virus in humans – meaning there is no vaccine or cure and experts cannot predict with certainty how contagious it is or how the disease progresses once a person is infected …

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Healthy Protein

By Instrideonline 2/27/2020


Making sure to include good-quality protein at meal time isn’t connected to any one type of diet or to the most current nutritional studies. Protein is a life-sustaining macro-nutrient that our bodies use to build and repair tissue and to maintain a healthy metabolism …

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How Leap Years Are Calculated

By Instrideonline 1/31/2020


Modern-day calendars use mathematical calculations to more precisely determine the length of the days, weeks, and months, resulting in a calendar that coincides from year-to-year with earth’s place within the solar system …

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70 Years of NATO

By Instrideonline 12/04/2019

NATO image-min

The concept of “collective defense” is the foundation for the establishment of NATO, a military alliance of 29 nations created in 1949 with the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty. At this year’s summit, leaders traveled to the UK and were welcomed by Queen Elizabeth with a reception at Buckingham Palace …

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Home Away From Home

By Instrideonline 9/8/2019

lunar outpost-min

NASA is setting its sights on the Moon in the 2020’s. The Artemis Program (Apollo’s twin sister) will send men and women into space to set up an outpost on the lunar surface and begin testing new equipment and technologies that could pave the way to Mars in the 2030’s.

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Regenerative Medicine

By Instrideonline 8/17/2019

ipsc blog-min

In 2007, medical researchers discovered a method for changing a normal adult body cell back into a stem cell by manipulating it’s DNA. These induced pluripotent stem cells respond the same way as embryonic stem cells, replicating themselves and differentiating into other types of body cells…

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Echoes Through Time

By Instrideonline 7/01/2018

president lincoln during the civil war

In July 1863, on a battlefield in Southwest Pennsylvania, 28,000 Confederate and 23,000 Union soldiers lost their lives fighting the Battle of Gettysburg. The 3-day war was a decisive victory for the North and the turning point of the Civil War …

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Stress Less About Hypertension

By Instrideonline 06/01/2018

nurse taking a patient's blood pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, often has no symptoms, yet it could weaken the arteries of the circulatory system and cause damage to the heart, brain, and kidneys over a span of many years.

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Mother Nature at her Deadliest

By Instrideonline 8/1/2017

palm trees blowing in a hurricane

Storm systems are formed when warm air rises and clashes with cold air, resulting in precipitation and heavy winds. Hurricanes and Tornadoes are made of the same elements of air and water as regular thunderstorms, but they have the potential to quickly grow in size and build up a rotational velocity that causes catastrophic destruction …

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Spirit of Love and Happiness

By Instrideonline 3/1/2017

hindu festival of colors

March 9, 2020 is the start of the Hindu “festival of colors” known as Holi. The theme of this tradition is the triumph of good over evil. The holiday is celebrated by gathering to throw brightly colored powder at each other in a spirit of love and happiness …

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Deep Space Network

By Instrideonline 5/1/2018

satellite dish

The “network” is a series of dish-shaped antennas at three strategic locations around the globe; California, Madrid, and Australia. The stations are spaced approximately 120 degrees longitude apart from each other, ensuring that as the earth rotates there is a continual connection with NASA spacecraft wherever they are in the solar system …

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Innovative or Controversial?

By Instrideonline 03/01/2017

corn field with sunrise

The technology behind genetically modified crops is way beyond the practices of cross-pollinating plants and selectively breeding livestock; strategies that have evolved over thousands of years. The research involving recombinant DNA is carefully regulated by the FDA, the EPA, and the USDA …

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Practicing Buddhism

By Instrideonline 6/1/2018

woman doing yoga on the beach

Buddhists believe that the practices of yoga and meditation help a person to elevate their thoughts and to develop self-awareness, resulting in a feeling of peace and unity with the natural world …

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Place in Space

By Instrideonline 10/15/2018

space satellite image

A satellite’s “place in space” is determined by three things: its distance from the surface of the earth (the farther away, the slower the orbit), the eccentricity of its orbit (either circular or elliptical) and its inclination (whether it orbits parallel to the equator or at an angle) …

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Focus on Brain Health

By Instrideonline 9/01/2018

young people connecting with fist bumps

The aging process is usually thought of as being a gradual decline from youth into old age. But current research is demonstrating that it’s more like the ups and downs of a rollercoaster, that there are many ways to influence our health over our lifespans in order to slow the rate at which we’re aging and to recover from illness …

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Air Force One-of-a-Kind

By Instrideonline 9/01/2018

air force one image

During the twentieth century, US Presidents have traveled safely around the country and eventually around the world in airplanes that were customized for security, efficiency, and comfort …

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The Gods of Hinduism

By Instrideonline 9/1/2018

hindu statue

According to Hindu tradition, an omnipotent and all-encompassing power known as Brahman exists in the universe. This energy is divine in nature, eternal and unchanging, and is embodied by three separate gods or deities; Brahma the creator, Vishnu the protector, and Shiva the destroyer …

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Forgiveness of Sins

By Instrideonline 2/1/2017

bunny in a field of daisies

Jesus said he was the Son of God, and that his teachings and healing miracles could be experienced by any person who believed that love and forgiveness could transcend sickness and other human limitations …

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Story of a Flawed King

By Instrideonline 9/1/2018

david and goliath image

Though David was known as a great King, he was a flawed human being and often prayed to God for safety, courage, and strength. Not only are these stories about King David found in the writings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, David himself authored parts of the Old Testament …

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Mount Rushmore

By Instrideonline 9/1/2017

mount rushmore image

The idea for a “larger than life” sized sculpture originated with Doane Robinson, a historian searching for ways to attract tourists to South Dakota. As the project evolved in the 1920’s, funding from Congress was secured and Robinson consulted with Gutzon Borglum, an American son of Danish immigrants who had worked on other historically themed sculptures …

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Reviving the Past

By Instrideonline 3/1/2018

a jewish family lighting the menorah

A Jewish scholar named Eliezer Ben-Yehuda (1858-1922) worked to bring the ancient Hebrew language into the twentieth century, and today it’s one of two official languages spoken within Jewish communities in Israel and around the world …

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Out of Sight!

By Instrideonline 4/02/2019

young guy in hoodie taking a picture

Inside the human eye, delicate structures bend and focus light. Light is converted to electric signals that travel deep into the brain, allowing us to recognize objects and interact with our environment using our sense of vision …

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A Real Vision for America

By Instrideonline 2/01/2018

Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter

President Jimmy Carter is known to be a deeply religious man and a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. As he celebrates his 94th birthday this year, he continues to focus on the social issues that have preoccupied his time since leaving public office in the early 1980’s …

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All About Paul

By Instrideonline 5/01/2019

st paul writing

Paul was shunned, threatened, and arrested, yet during the last 20 years of his life he completed three missionary journeys. As he traveled through modern-day Europe, he established Christian churches and encouraged people from every level of society to accept each other’s differences and to worship God in a spirit of love and humility …

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Escape the Aging Process

By Instrideonline 10/01/2016

brightly colored fruits and vegetables

Health experts aren’t sure how many antioxidants a person should consume in a day, and they seem to disagree about whether supplements are as effective as whole foods. Since there are numerous types of natural chemicals in a standard diet that do the work of antioxidants, it might be impossible not to get enough …

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