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The Universe in Infrared

June 2018

In 2020, the James Webb Space Telescope will be placed in space at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers from earth, enabling scientists to gather data on a universe they’ve literally never seen before ... solar system earth

Electromagnetic Waves in Motion

June 2018

Visual light seen by the human eye is only one type of energy found in the universe and represents the smallest part of the electromagnetic spectrum ... solar system earth

Place In Space

February 2018

NASA’s Earth Observatory provides an in-depth look at more than 2,280 satellites that are working 24/7, tracking the weather, redirecting voice and data communications, and sending GPS information to and from anywhere on the globe ...

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Deep Space Network

January 2018

The Deep Space Network is a series of dish-shaped antennas at three strategic locations around the globe; California, Madrid, and Australia ... solar system mercury

Mercury Through Time

November 2017

Centuries ago, when ancient astronomers were beginning to explore the solar system, they observed a bright, silver-colored planet that swiftly traveled across the night sky ... solar system earth

Extremes on Planet Earth

August 2017

Extreme weather events around the globe ... solar system mars

Mars Rocks!

July 2017

When meteorites from space are found on earth, scientists can usually determine where they came from based on information about the geology of the other terrestrial planets ... solar system earth

Mother Nature at her Deadliest

May 2017

Hurricanes and Tornadoes spin simply because the earth is spinning. Storm systems are formed when warm air rises and clashes with cold air, resulting in precipitation and heavy winds ...