Health and parts of the body diagram clip art

Being Healthy

Getting and staying healthy is important as we age. Though we have little control over our genetic makeup or where we’re from, we can choose the types of foods we eat while finding ways to exercise moderately.

Taking a walk, enjoying a swim, or raking leaves and shoveling snow are activities that get our hearts pumping and jump start our metabolism. And studies have shown that it’s just as important to reduce stress and get enough sleep.

Each part of the human body is influenced by the others, and in turn plays a role in keeping us healthy.

To stay healthy we need a balance of nutrients as well as the carbs, fats, and protein that provides energy

Our hearts play a vital role in the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

The cardiovascular sytem includes the heart, lungs, and a network of arteries and veins.

The immune system protects us from dangerous pathogens that cause disease.

Bones provide support and create blood cells that transport oxygen and fight disease.