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Airforce One-of-a-Kind

Air Force One is the call sign of any airplane transporting the President of the United States A Brief History  Air travel in America began in December of 1903 when the Wright brothers flew the first fixed-wing aircraft in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The first President to fly in an aircraft was [...]

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Thanks For Joining Us, Facebook!

In 2004, the social media platform "Facebook" was launched by Mark Zuckerberg and several co-founders. The idea for Facebook evolved from an on-campus software project that Zuckerberg was working on with some of his classmates at Harvard. But instead of writing code for, Zuckerberg secretly channeled his energy into its competitor, [...]

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A Real Vision for America

The Carter Foundation President Jimmy Carter is known to be a deeply religious man and a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. Celebrating his 94th birthday this year, he continues to focus on the social issues that have preoccupied his time since leaving public office in the early 1980’s. In 1982, he and his [...]

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Mount Rushmore

Creating the Massive Sculpture To create the likeness of the four presidents, Borglum first constructed a model on a 1/12th scale. By placing a calibrated “pointer” device above the rock, he could then drop a plumb-line down the cliff face and multiply by 12 to precisely measure where the rock should be carved. Granite [...]

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During her 40 year career in television, Oprah Winfrey never shied away from a sensational or controversial topic. In fact, from a young age she demonstrated her ability to analyze, provoke, and inform her audience about the social issues that defined America during the second half of the twentieth century. The themes of [...]

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Innovative or Controversial?

Genetically Modifying Fruits and Vegetables DNA technology has enabled scientists to genetically modify crops to enhance beneficial qualities and to boost their ability to withstand pests and inclement weather. The skeptics are concerned about corporations focused more on their bottom line than on the health of consumers, but others are cautiously optimistic about [...]

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Happy Bday, Ellen!

The Life and Times To succeed in show business a person has to be tough-minded, fearless, and determined, qualities that you might not immediately think of in regards to Ellen DeGeneres. Hilarious, likable and quirky are more on target. But Ellen was building a career for herself in the 1980's and early 90's, writing [...]

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Thanks For Your Service!

Veterans: Connect With During the first administration in 1789, George Washington established four Cabinet offices; Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of War, and the Attorney General. In the twenty-first century, there are 15, with the most recent being the Department of Homeland Security, created in response to the terror attacks [...]

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