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The planet Venus has an internal structure similar to that of the Earth's; a molten core that erupted volcanically for millions of years and then solidified to form a mantle and crust. Though Venus and the Earth may be similar in size and density, their movement through the solar system couldn’t be more [...]

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Four and a half billion years ago, the solar system was taking shape as heat and light from the sun blasted outwards, burning away the gas, dust, and debris around the four terrestrial planets, while the four “gas giants” and “ice giants” formed farther away. The Earth was a mass of molten rock [...]

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Of all the planets in the solar system, Mars seems to have captured our imaginations more than any other. From the martian attack in H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in Total Recall on a secret mission to the red planet, Mars has endured speculation that [...]

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Saturn is the second largest planet, next to Jupiter, and the two "gas giants" have interesting similarities and differences.   Scientists theorize that Saturn has a terrestrial core surrounded by a layer of metallic hydrogen that gradually turns gaseous in the planet’s upper atmosphere. Wind speeds within parallel “belts” of storms on [...]

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Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and one of the most interesting to view. Its distance from the sun means that temperatures in the atmosphere of this “gas giant” are extremely cold. But heat from deep within Jupiter rises through layers of hydrogen and helium, resulting in temperature [...]

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Ice Giants

The “ice giant” planets, Uranus and Neptune, have much in common. Their distance from earth makes them difficult to explore, but with a telescope or a sturdy pair of binoculars they can be seen orbiting across the ecliptic with the terrestrial and “gas giant” planets. For centuries, Uranus was thought to [...]

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Getting and staying healthy is important as we age. Though we have little control over our genetic makeup or where we're from, we can choose the types of foods we eat while finding ways to exercise moderately. Taking a walk, enjoying a swim, or raking leaves and shoveling snow are [...]

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Our bones are never at rest. They’re self-regulating and practically indestructible, made of minerals from the earth that endure for centuries after we die. Yet they’re alive with constant activity, responsible for creating blood cells that transport oxygen and fight disease, carrying on these vital functions [...]

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