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Mars 2020

The search for life in other parts of the universe has resulted in the discovery of over 2,000 possible “earth-like” planets that scientists are just beginning to explore. Within our solar system, the question of whether the other terrestrial planets ever harbored life or could be habitable in the future is the driving [...]

2021-11-30T10:21:46-05:000 Comments

Healthy Protein

Protein For Breakfast Causes Weight Loss Making sure to include good-quality protein at meal time isn’t connected to any one type of diet or to the most current nutritional studies. Protein is a life-sustaining macro-nutrient that our bodies use to build and repair tissue and to maintain a healthy metabolism. The controversy surrounding dietary [...]

2020-05-18T10:21:21-04:000 Comments

How Leap Years Are Calculated

How Leap Years Are Calculated There’s a February 29th this year! Centuries ago, humans measured time simply by observing the pathways of the sun and the moon. Modern-day calendars use mathematical calculations to more precisely determine the length of the days, weeks, and months, resulting in a calendar that coincides from year-to-year with earth’s [...]

2020-05-17T14:55:56-04:000 Comments

Human Connection

Our Human World is a Complicated Place The years following WWII represented a raising of our awareness, possibly for the first time in history, to the vital necessity of preserving standards of living on a global scale. Prior to that time, international law was focused only on what was “fair play” during war time; [...]

2020-01-02T17:12:33-05:000 Comments

70 Years of NATO

70 Years of NATO There is safety in numbers. An attack against one is an attack against us all. The concept of “collective defense” is the foundation for the establishment of NATO, a military alliance of 29 nations created in 1949 with the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty. Europe in the mid-1900’s [...]

2021-11-30T10:28:14-05:000 Comments

What Halloween Means

What Halloween Really Means Halloween is celebrated on October 31 in communities across America with both fun and fright-filled festivities. This holiday has deep historical roots dating back centuries and is connected with more solemn observances in Christian churches in every part of the world. The most well-known origins of Halloween are the [...]

2019-10-27T17:10:56-04:000 Comments

Home Away From Home

NASA's Artemis Program In July of 1969, we journeyed to the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as NASA’s Apollo 11 program made history. After that milestone, space agencies around the world shifted their focus to exploring the outer planets with a variety of orbiting spacecraft and land rovers. NASA is again setting [...]

2020-05-17T14:58:04-04:000 Comments

Regenerative Medicine

A Complete "Makeover" The human body is in a continual state of regeneration as worn out cells die off and new, healthy cells replicate. In fact, our bodies go through a complete “makeover” every 5-10 years; for instance, the cells of our skeletal system are replaced every 10 years, liver cells every 2 years, [...]

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