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Electricity is the activity of electrons. They’re found orbiting the nucleus of an atom and they’re one of the smallest particles in the known universe. Nearly all of the matter surrounding us is made of stable atoms that have an equal number of [...]

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United Nations

Why the UN? In the 1800's the first of the Geneva Conventions established a set of international laws that would take effect during wartime, addressing matters such as the humane treatment of prisoners of war and the protection of unarmed civilians. At the end of WWI the League of Nations was [...]

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US Government

The role of a democratic government is to secure the rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for its citizens. Each branch of the United States government has its own exclusive powers as well as the responsibility to influence the workings of the other two, ensuring that [...]

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The Executive Branch

The President, the Vice President, and the president’s close advisers encompass the Executive Branch of the U.S. government.  The President has the power to negotiate peace treaties and to enforce the laws that are created by Congress, but arguably his most crucial role [...]

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The House of Representatives

Members of the House of Representatives work within the political arena of Washington DC to represent the men, women, and families “back home” in their state districts. They spend years building relationships and strengthening their influence with other politicians and businessmen [...]

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The Senate

Members of the Senate work closely with constituents in their home state to determine what laws could be created or amended to improve their standard of living, and they collaborate with the House representatives within each state district to secure funding for housing, [...]

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The Judicial Branch

The U.S. Constitution provides for a Supreme Court and a system of lower federal courts established by Congress. The Judiciary Act of 1789 began that process, and through the years the federal court system has evolved into a hierarchy of 94 Federal District Courts, 13 [...]

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World Religions

Religious beliefs provide a feeling of unity and peace for millions of people in every country around the world. Familiar narratives and symbolic observances can unite families and entire communities to focus together on positive qualities such as happiness, peace, and security. For some people, though, a “higher power” isn’t a religion at [...]

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